My Moves

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'A mover and shaker with a big heart and an incredible sense for people.' - Friedhelm Funkel... mehr
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'A mover and shaker with a big heart and an incredible sense for people.' - Friedhelm Funkel

Agents are legendary figures in professional football. Volker Struth is one of them, and his life is an adventure with a fairy-tale ending: growing up in desperate circumstances in Pulheim near Cologne, his imagination and ideas first made him a hugely successful entrepreneur, then Germany's biggest agent. In this book, Struth provides insights into the trade secrets of the game, taking the reader behind the desks of Europe's most influential directors of football and revealing how negotiations really work. He offers a glimpse into the souls of Bundesliga players and world stars, and he divulges the price he's had to pay for his success.

'He'll go to great lengths for his players. And when he has to, he'll fight like a dog in the street. It's why he spends year after year at the top of the industry.' - Reiner Calmund

'Generally, you don't like to negotiate with Volker Struth because it always ends up being expensive. He's fair, but he's firm.' - Oliver Mintzlaff

'I like and value Volker Struth. But I'm always glad when he comes through the door without a player in tow.' - Rudi Völler

TitelzusatzHow I became Germany´s most successful agent
InhaltEinband - fest (Hardcover)
TitelMy Moves
AutorVolker Struth
Laenge220 mm
Hoehe31 mm
Breite138 mm
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